Training services

BITwise does not believe in one-size-fits-all training. We work with you to design a training program or session that is custom tailored to your business needs. The goal is to get the customer to the point where they are taking care of their own day-to-day bookkeeping and routine reporting, but we remain available to assist!

Our Focus is You

What do you need to know in order to plan, implement and maintain your own bookkeeping system? That is the bottom line. We will work with you to plan individual training and will provide ongoing coaching and advice, as needed. The idea is to enable the customer to be the expert on THEIR own business bookkeeping system.

We speak your language!

Ten years experience as Novell and Microsoft Certified Instructors stand behind our training skills. BITwise can train students with varying levels of technical proficiency. We've trained everyone from home users and business end-users to the technical staff that design, build, sell and install computer systems. We've been employed to train staff on proprietary systems for major state agencies and large private businesses as well. We've trained the technical staff at many of the major systems integration, PC manufacturers and electronic component companies in central Texas. BITwise has experience using manufacturer curriculum and in designing our own. Years of classroom presentation, seminars and individual training give us the know-how to help you too.

Customized Training

Make the most of existing or new hardware and software investments. Technology is supposed to make you more efficient, not wear you down. A little training is often all it takes to begin making the most of what you already have. Classroom training is great but can only go so far. You need someone who can come to your office and work with you to learn your systems at work in your business.

BITwise has experience in a wide variety of applications including:

Word processing
Office Productivity Suites
Desktop publishing
Slide presentations
Web browsers
Email readers
PC and Macintosh
Many more...

We have hourly and daily rates. Monthly retainers are also available for long term projects.

Please call or email for a quote.