What are "business processes"?
Business processes are made up of routine tasks performed in every business to get work done. When you do the same thing every day, it's easy to get lost in the processes. BITwise can take a fresh look at the routine tasks that make up your business processes and determine where there is opportunity to improve efficiencies. This is often called "process engineering" which simply means creating intelligent processes that save time and money for your business.

Can you really save me time and money by improving my business processes?
Yes, BITwise almost always finds ways to improve processes which save companies time. By virtue of saving time you also save money. Poor inventory management results in overstocks or the inability to fulfill customer requests. Duplication of tasks results in increased wage costs. Excessive bank charges, late fees and poor credit result from improper cash flow management. Through improving processes and data management, BITwise can actually help you save money in these and other areas.

What is Bookkeeping Automation?
Bookkeeping automation is the process of putting business accounting records on a computer system. It can be as simple as installing accounting software and beginning to track all income and expenses through the software. Or it can be a complex process of integrating point of sales systems to general ledger, payroll and billing systems. Bookkeeping data is as unique as the business itself. BITwise can help you determine what system is right for your business and put that system in place.

Why should I put my books on the computer?
Computers were designed to relieve people from having to perform repetitive tasks and to improve the accuracy of calculations. "Human error" is real. It's easy to punch the wrong key on a calculator and the results can be costly. It's easy to transpose numbers when entering data from one system into another. With the use of computers, checks and balances can be put in place, to improve accuracy. Relieving people from to performing repetitive tasks allows them to do more interesting work, service customers and to focus on growing the business.

BITwise has both bookkeeping and technology experience; we know how to combine the two.

I run a small business, do I really need to be concerned about accurate bookkeeping?
Whether or not we like it, all business owners have to file various tax reports. All taxing entities have the right to audit any company's books. When that happens (and it will) timely and accurate records are your best defense against having to pay additional taxes. BITwise has helped clients prepare records for audits of the State Comptroller and the IRS.

When is the best time to start my books on computer?
The best time to setup a new system is near the end of the year so it can be in place when the new tax year starts. However, that doesn't always happen. So anytime is a good time to get a good bookkeeping system in place. The sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the many benefits of a good automated system. BITwise can work with you at time of year to begin automating your bookkeeping processes.

What should I look for in professional bookkeeping help?
First you should look for someone willing to make a serious commitment to getting to know your business. Only by understanding your business, can your bookkeeping professional provide the best insight into new processes and efficiencies. Second you should look for real business experience. There is a lot to know, only an experienced professional will know where to look for all the answers. Third, you should look for problem solving skills. All businesses will have bookkeeping challenges and with good problem solving skills, your professional bookkeeper can help you overcome those challenges. You will find all of these qualities in BITwise.

Can you help with Sales Tax reports for the State Comptroller?
Yes, BITwise can prepare Texas Sales Tax Reports for you or teach you how to prepare them yourself.

Can you help with Payroll tax deposits and returns?
Yes, we can provide all payroll services from preparing payroll checks, routine payroll tax deposits and quarterly forms 941 to annual forms 940 and W-2. BITwise can also train you to prepare them yourself. Our representatives have been providing payroll services since 1986.

Do I still need a CPA or Tax Preparation Specialist?
Absolutely. BITwise does not prepare annual tax returns or audit financial statements. CPAs must take continuing education courses to maintain their certification. This ensures they stay current on new laws and procedures. You should maintain a strong relationship with your CPA to obtain tax advice and planning, to prepare your annual tax returns and to audit financial statements whenever that is needed. BITwise will work with your CPA to make sure your books are in good order to quickly and accurately file returns. Your CPA or Tax Preparation Specialist will thank you for providing clean and accurate records! BITwise representatives have been working closely with CPAs and Tax Preparation Specialists since 1985.

Bookkeeping is just too confusing, can I ever do it on my own?
In many cases bookkeeping systems are improperly setup and that makes them very confusing to most people. They don't have to be confusing. Properly setup systems and good processes simplify the task of keeping accurate records. BITwise specializes in getting the core of the business needs and creating processes to simplify bookkeeping tasks.

I just don't have time to do my own bookkeeping, can BITwise do it for me?
Yes, BITwise can perform bookkeeping tasks for you. After an initial consultation and evaluation of your business and bookkeeping needs, we can make a determination as to just how much of the routine tasks BITwise can perform for you. With improved efficiencies, our clients are often amazed at just how much they can do.

Can you train me how to use my software?
Yes. BITwise can train you to make the most of your business applications. We have over 10 years experience in technical training. BITwise representatives have trained technology professionals to complete Microsoft, Novell and other manufacturer certification programs throughout central Texas. We have worked with major hardware and component manufacturers in Austin to train their technical staff. We continue to provide customized training to teach you to make the most of your systems.

Can you train my staff to use our business applications?
Yes, we can train you or your staff to use most any business application. We are experienced with a wide variety of office productivity suites, word processing, spreadsheets, database applications, accounting systems, presentation software, graphics applications and more. BITwise representatives have experience in creating technical training documentation and in training people with varying levels of technical proficiency. We've trained everyone from home users and business end-users to the technical staff that design, build, sell and install computer systems. We've been employed to train staff on proprietary systems for major state agencies and large private businesses as well.

I get by using software, how can training make me more efficient?
Even people who use computers everyday can benefit from one-on-one training to learn advanced features of their software.

Can you help me make a professional presentation in my slide software?
Yes. BITwise has years of experience creating presentation slides for training classes, seminars and sales and marketing presentations. We can even help you with that annual company party presentation!

Will you fix my hardware?
Rarely. While BITwise representatives can repair and troubleshoot computer hardware problems, there are lots of qualified technicians available to do just that. So BITwise focuses on other business technology need. We will, however, help you find qualified help for hardware repair and troubleshooting needs.

Will you install my hardware?
In some cases, BITwise will install hardware additions to your network or PC in order to accomplish business objectives.

Will you install my software?
Yes, BITwise can install your software. But more importantly, we can help you configure the software to work best in your business environment. Many people do not realize that improperly configured software can be the cause of lots of problems and frustrations. BITwise understands what all the software options mean and can help you determine what is right for you.

Can you train me how to use my software?
Yes, BITwise can train you to make the most of your business applications. We have been providing technical training since 1988. BITwise representatives have trained technology professionals to complete Microsoft, Novell and other manufacturer certification programs through out central Texas. We have worked with major hardware and component manufacturers in Austin to train their technical staff. We continue to provide customized training so we can train you to make the most of your systems.

How long should I expect my business systems to last?
As a general rule, computer systems hold value for 3 years. How long you can actually benefit from them depends on how well the planning and implementation are done initially. But all systems will have to be replaced over time. With this in mind, properly setup and maintained systems can be easily converted to new systems when the need arises. BITwise can help you with proper planning and system management NOW to save time, money and frustration when the time to upgrade does come.

I've never had a virus on my computer. Why do I need virus protection?
If you ever use floppy disks or CD ROMs, you need virus protection. If you ever access the Internet for any purpose, you need virus protection. If you use email at all, you need virus protection. If your system has a modem, you need virus protection. If your computers are on a network of any kind, you need virus protection. BITwise can help you find the right virus protection for your business environment and configure it to keep ALL of your systems virus free. Don't wait until you experience the REAL LOSS of data from a computer virus before to install protection.

Why do I need to concern myself with disaster recovery plans?
Many business insurance policies now require a Disaster Recovery Plan. When disaster strikes, whether it is man-made or natural, businesses without a disaster recovery plan often cannot recover. But merely having a plan is not enough. You have to be prepared to execute the plan in the event of disaster. This means keeping the plan current and ensuring you have the technology in place so you can execute the plan. BITwise can help you design the plan and see that you can carry it out if you ever have the need.

Why do I need to have security policies in place?
Many business insurance policies now require a written Security Policy. Insurance companies are recognizing that many businesses are now dependent on technology to operate. Properly implemented security policies protect your business from unintentional data loss or corruption as well as from malicious attacks. Security is often over looked in businesses of all sizes, but especially in small businesses. Accidental data loss can happen at any time but can be prevented in most cases with proper security. Security is often considered a burden. But ask your self if you leave your business door unlocked when you leave. If you do not have a properly implemented security policy in place, you are leaving the door wide open to your data. Hackers don't care who you are; getting access to and destroying data is what they do. Don't let them in your "data door". BITwise can assess your security and help you implement proper measures to protect your data.

How often should I back up my data?
If you are asking this question, at least you know you should be backing up your data. Many businesses completely overlook the need to backup data until it is too late. Depending on how and when a business experiences a system crash, will determine whether or not they CAN recover from the crash. Yes, companies can go right out of business when systems crash with no way to recover important data. BITwise can help you determine what to backup, how often to backup and what method of backup is best for your business and your budget. Data backup is one task NO business can afford to ignore.

I need a technician to work full-time, but what do I look for in prospective employees?
With years of technical staff management, BITwise can help you interview and hire the right candidates into your business. If you know your business has grown to the point where you need someone onsite full-time to handle end-user requests and to keep systems running we can help. If you are not well-versed in technology yourself, it is hard to know what questions to ask a prospective employee. We have worked with businesses for years to help with just this problem. BITwise can help you with writing technical job postings, technical resume review and technical staff interview.

I have proposals from multiple vendors, how do I choose the right one for my business?
Whether it is new computers, a new business application or a new phone system you need, we can help you review proposals from multiple vendors and select the right one for your business. Oftentimes a business owner will request bids or proposals from vendors but the vendors seem to speak another language. Vendors also tend to over-sell options that you don't need or want. There is no need be intimidated by vendor sales reps. If you haven't yet obtained proposals, we can help you write bid specifications to get the right proposals submitted to you. BITwise can act as your technical liaison and help you get the best bang for your buck.

What kind of routine system maintenance should I perform?
A complete routine system maintenance program depends on your business. However, there are some basics that all companies need to routinely check. After something goes wrong is NOT the right time to find out a process or piece of equipment wasn't working as designed. Periodic checks and routine maintenance are the RIGHT way to make sure systems are working as intended. BITwise can help you identify the tasks that need to be on YOUR routine maintenance checklist. Or BITwise can periodically perform routine checks for you.

Why do I need power protection on my computers?
Power interruptions and surges shorten the life of any electronic equipment. A multi-outlet strip is NOT power protection. All systems need some level of power protection. But depending on the system and its use, the level of recommended power protection varies. BITwise can help you make sure you have adequate power protection without buying more than you need.